What is a Market Research study?


Getting paid for your opinion!


Consumer Viewpoint is an independent market research recruiting company. We connect people with market research companies. Please register through www.paidforyouropinions.com

To get PAID $40/hour to $250/hour to test new products, participate in focus groups, online research panels, phone or in-person interviews, taste tests, shop-alongs, blogs, watch new TV shows before they air or other creative market research studies, click the CONFIDENTIAL REGISTER button.

What's next?

After you register, we will email or call you when we have a paid market study. First, we ask you a few questions to make sure you qualify. Then we schedule you. Lastly, you participate, give your opinions, get PAID. That is it. No strings, gimmicks, or sales promotions attached.


All surveys are for market research purposes only. There will be no direct sales or promotions as a result of your participation. Your individual responses are kept confidential, anonymous and reported only in the aggregate.

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